Lifts & Levels

We sell and install lift and leveling kits.

You will get a better deal with us than ordering online and paying the shipping prices, so even if you want to install it yourself, come by and we will order the kit for you.


We generally use Rough Country lifts.  You can check out the kits and see examples of how the various size lifts look on a truck on Rough Country’s website.  Simply put in your vehicle information, click on the size lift you are interested in, and they will have a photo of your truck with that lift on the product page.  You can also check out lift and leveling kits we have installed on our projects page.

Tires and Wheels

If you would like advice on what size tire will work with your new lift, feel free to come in and ask the expert.  We can also order you some tires and/or wheels to go with your new lift.


Prices range depending on the type of vehicle and the size lift.  Here are some approximate price ranges by size of lift.

**Prices include installation and alignment where appropriate.

Lift Size
Price Range (Approximate)

$250  ($200-$400)

The average and most common price is $250, but there are a few exceptions.  Specifically, Toyota Tundras are $400.
2” Lift


Again, prices for specific vehicles may fall outside this range, but this is an average.
4” Lift & Up

$1200 and up

Some in this lift range are less, but this an average starting price.

*Call or come in for a vehicle specific quote or to set up a lift appointment.